Mission, Vision and Values

Mission Statement

The Association of Ontario Midwives represents and advocates on behalf of registered Ontario Midwives and Aboriginal Midwives. The AOM promotes the profession of midwifery in Ontario. We are committed to the growth of the profession and support midwives in the provision of optimal midwifery care that is responsive to the needs of women and their infants.

Vision Statement

Midwifery is central to the provision of maternal and newborn care in Ontario. Midwives participate fully in planning and policy development at all levels of the health care system.

Beliefs and Values

The Association of Ontario Midwives believes that:

  1. Pregnancy and childbirth are a profound time in a woman’s life, imbued with a variety of personal and cultural meanings, and are best approached in a non-authoritarian manner, providing choice of birthplace, continuity of care, informed choice and recognizing the woman as the primary decision maker.
  2. Midwives are experts in the provision of primary care for women anticipating normal, low risk pregnancy and birth.
  3. Valuing and respecting diversity is integral to the provision of midwifery care.
  4. Effective midwifery care is based on the best available evidence combined with knowledge of a woman and her circumstances.
  5. Midwifery care must be accessible and fully funded for women in Ontario.
  6. Midwifery should have a central role in the development and implementation of a Health Human Resource Plan for maternal and newborn care in Ontario.
  7. We must value and embrace the principles of dignity and diversity in every facet of the work we undertake.
  8. We must be member focused and work to establish accessible, appropriate and responsive services and support, which meet the needs of the membership, and the community at large.
  9. We must advocate for members’ rights to working conditions that promote long-term career satisfaction.
  10. We promote the profession and enhance the potential of midwifery to contribute to the well being of society.

Strategic Plan

In 2013 the Association of Ontario Midwives released its Strategic Plan for 2013-2015. Aligned with our beliefs and values, the main goals are as follows:

  • Support normal birth
  • Make midwifery central to the provision of maternal and newborn care
  • Support the successful growth of midwifery
  • Support excellence in clinical practice
  • Support excellence in practice management
  • Strengthen the AOM to maximize responsiveness to member needs

Download the Strategic Plan Summary

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