Information for new registrants

Congratulations on completing your studies!

Before accepting an offer from a midwifery practice (MPG) there are a number of things to consider, and once you have signed there are a number of steps you must take before you can start working. This page is meant to assist you with the process of becoming a new registrant in Ontario.

Though every effort has been made to outline all the steps, if you have any questions, please email or call Diana MacNab, manager of membership services at 416-425-9974 or 1-866-418-3773 x 2232.

I have received an offer and am ready to sign a midwifery services agreement.
What's next?

  1. Get it in writing (contingent on the MPG receiving funding approval from the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (MOHLTC)).

  2. READ the agreement, relevant protocols and orientation/mentorship plan.

  3. Ask for details:
    • How and how often will you be paid?
    • Is there caseload waiting for you?
    • Call schedules/vacation
    • Practice protocols
    • Is there opportunity to offset registration costs?
    • Purchasing a birth bag
    • Availability of hospital privileges
    • Is ther an opportunity to join the practice after the new registrant year? If so when and how will this be discussed?
  4. Have questions about your contract?  The AOM can help!  Contact us for support and more information (call 416-425-9974 / 1-866-418-3773 and ask for the Quality and Risk Management department).

  5. Get a lawyer. This is beneficial for both you and the MPG. A lawyer will help you understand what is in the offer so that you know exactly what you're signing.

I signed, now what?

Once you have signed, determine with the practice what your registration date will be (note that in some communities, you may need to allow extra time to apply for hospital privileges once you are insured).

  1. Complete the following forms at the same time:
    • CMO registration (submit to the CMO)
    • AOM membership (submit to the AOM)
    • Liability insurance application form (submit to the AOM)

      Once the AOM receives your liability and new registrant forms, we will confirm with the MPG that funding for liability insurance is available and hold forms until the CMO notifies us that your registration has been approved. At this time you will receive your CMO number.

      We will send you an invoice for your membership fees, based on your expected date of registration.
  2. Enroll in the AOM Benefits Trust program within 30 days of registration. If you have not yet received your enrollment package, please contact

  3. Once you have your CMO registration number and proof of liability insurance coverage from the AOM you will need to:
    • apply to the MOHLTC for a provider number by calling 1-800-262-6254
    • apply for hospital privileges at the hospital(s) affiliated with the MPG

What will the MPG do once they have this info?

They will:
  • Notify the transfer payment agency (TPA) of your provider number so you can be entered into the invoicing system (BORN)
  • Forward the liability insurance bill to TPA for payment
  • Begin orientation to the practice

How much is this going to cost?

  • AOM membership fees: in 2017, active membership fees are $3,120 for a full year (Jan - Dec), or pro-rated
  • CMO registration fees (visit the CMO website for up to date fee schedule). For 2016-17, fees are $2,000 for a full year (Oct 1 - Sept 30)
  • Benefits premiums (when you have low or no billings): your benefits coverage begins on your first day of registration, and premiums are due one month later. It make take a few months for you to build a full caseload and receive benefits funding. If the AOM Benefits Trust does not receive enough benefits funding to cover your premiums, you will receive an email statement. For more information, please review: Factsheet #1: Benefits Funding and Factsheet #2: Benefits Arrears
  • Income tax: taxes will not be deducted from your pay so you will need to set aside funds to pay your tax bill at the end of the year.
It is strongly recommended that you seek the advice of a professional financial advisor to plan for annual expenses as well as for your future.

How can I take advantage of my AOM membership?

Once you are an AOM member you will have access to a number of additional resources and discounts. These include, clinical guidelines, professional development opportunities, risk management resources as well as discounts on home/auto insurance, cell phone plans, midwifery supplies, etc.

Get involved with the AOM

The AOM is a member-driven association. There are opportunities for various kinds and levels of involvement. We encourage you to attend regional meetings, either in person or via webinar, as well as the AOM annual conference. Watch for eblasts announcing dates and times.

The AOM also administers a number of different committees, work groups and task forces. For information on these, please contact Brigitte Balle, AOM executive assistant.

Final thoughts:

MPGs may only have approved caseload for you as a new registrant, but not as a general registrant. After one year  you may need to look for a new practice to join. For general registrant opportunities, be sure to visit the career opportunities page on the AOM member site. This page is updated throughout the year so be sure to check it often.

Contacting the AOM

Still need help?

if you have any questions
please email or call Diana MacNab,
manager of membership services
at 416-425-9974, or
1-866-418-3773 x 2232.  

The AOM is your association and we are here to help.