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Midwives & CCHD Pulse Oximetry Screening (New!)

Supplementary resources:
AOM CCHD and Pulse Oximetry Screening webinar
NSO CCHD resources
PulseOxTool app
AOM client resource: Normal Newborn Behaviour
Wisconsin Shine Heart Atlas

GDM Literature Review 

A reference to help midwives interpret evidence and incorporate clinical research into informed choice discussions on gestational diabetes mellitus.

Choice of Birthplace Guideline

A guideline for discussing choice of birthplace with clients

  Choice of Birthplace Pictograms
Instructions for use

These pictograms depict select information and evidence published in the Guideline for Discussing Choice of Birthplace with Clients. They require the assistance of a midwife to provide interpretation as part of an informed choice discussion.


Iron Supplements: A guide for midwives

A chart comparing oral iron supplements, for use when discussing supplementation with clients.

  Iron Deficiency Anemia in the Childbearing Year
This document offers an overview of management approaches to iron deficiency anemia during pregnancy and postpartum.


Midwifery Client Experiences of Postpartum Hemorrhage
While there is abundant literature on the acute clinical management of postpartum hemorrhage, there is less information available to guide midwives in providing care that meets the emotional needs of clients who experience significant postpartum blood loss. As part of a project to develop informational materials for midwifery clients who have experienced a PPH, the clinical practice guidelines program conducted focus groups and an online survey exploring Ontario midwifery clients' experiences of PPH. This document offers an overview of some of the findings of these activities.

Pregnancy beyond 40: A clinical backgrounder for midwives
This document provides a summary and discussion of select evidence related to key outcomes of interest to midwives caring for clients who are 40 and older. Unlike a clinical practice guideline, this document does not offer recommendations for care.  Instead, it is meant as a reference to help midwives interpret evidence and to incorporate clinical research into informed choice discussions with clients, as appropriate.

CPGs vs Protocols
This document discusses the differences among clinical practice guidelines, midwifery protocols and hospital protocols.

Supporting clients living in poverty (2016)